Robot Intelligence: Planning 2011

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This is a wiki for the 2011 RIP Course:

  • RIP 2011 WebPage - The course webpage contains information about the class, PDFs of slides from lectures and reading material.

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Final Project Info

Final Project Pages


Location to put random interesting and useful links to share with fellow students.


  • A* Heuristics introduction with visualizations and optimality comparisons. — Patrick Dillon
  • A consistent heuristic (or monotone) is admissible and always incrementally approaches the goal. "It's necessary and sufficient for a heuristic to obey the triangle inequality in order to be consistent." — Patrick Dillon

PDDL Planning tips

All planners were not created equal. FF handles most PDDL files. Parse errors in the others can be fixed by rewriting your grammar to remove:

  • Constants
  • Axioms
  • Complex (non-atomic) types
  • The 'or' conjunction

In general, a grammar with many actions with few arguments will work 'better' than a grammar with few actions with many arguments. If you get stuck, just make the actions as simple as possible and use lots of them.

Interesting Links:

I'm not sure which is worse, that there's a facebook page for Satplan or that I'm the only one who currently likes it.
-Joseph (Casey) Rogers

GT Web Localizer:

For more information on how to get access to papers with your GT Account, check out my lab's wiki page here:
- Mike

Free Source Code Management:

Khatib Papers:

GT has a hard time accessing IJRR, so here is a direct link to all of Oussama Khatib's papers. We just looked at his first journal publication on Potential Fields from 1986:
- Mike

Turn collections of Pictures into video easy and free

Simple tutorial and link to the software both on this site:
- Joseph (Casey) Rogers

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